About Us

Al Zarooni Emirates Investments (ZEI) is the UAE holding company managing a strand of Al Zarooni’s family assets in private equity, public equity, investments funds and real estate. In 2009 ZEI became a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE. ZEI is managed by a combination of family and non-family professionals.

ZEI has a future vision to be amongst the top 20 fastest growing family investment companies in the UAE by the year 2020, and to establish a name that is synonymous with Trust, Innovation and Sustainable Growth. The company’s mission is to enlarge the family wealth through intelligent, focused, and strategic investments through effective management of existing businesses providing for systematic and steady growth, whilst partnering with key entities and individuals.

ZEI is an active investment company across different asset classes; namely private equity, listed equities, and real estate investment and development. We invest in stable, developing economies, with a strong focus on the GCC and the UAE in particular. Our private equity investment strategy is mainly focused on five sectors: healthcare, logistics, education, food and beverage, and financial services. Our aim is to actively participate and strive towards growing our portfolio companies in a solid and sustainable manner, in order to achieve our goals.

Ismail Abdulwahid Al Zarooni


Ismail Abdulwahid Al Zarooni, a UAE national born and raised in the emirate of Sharjah, is the head of the Al Zarooni family and serves as Chairman of ZEI. For over six decades he has built the family fortune across several industry sectors, through hard work and strong determination. Mr. Ismail was trained as a petroleum engineer and started his career at GETY as an oil production controller. During the 1960s he held the position of regional standby manager for British Petroleum. He was involved with the Sharjah Oil and Gas Council since its inception in 1972, starting in a managerial role and eventually rising to become Director General.  With over 53 year’s experience in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Ismail is a well-connected and highly respected member of the Sharjah community. In addition, he serves as the chairman of many family owned businesses across multiple industry sectors. Mr. Ismail has grown his business ventures organically and today is firmly established managing numerous properties in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

Abdul Wahid Ismail Al Zarooni

Vice Chairman

Abdulwahid Al Zarooni is the head of Al Zarooni Emirates Investments real estate development department, which oversees all of the family’s construction and development projects. He has previously overseen various construction sites and developments in both Dubai and Sharjah. Abdulwahid is also the Chief Executive Officer of the family’s travel agency business, Arabian Travel Agency.

Adil Ismail Al Zarooni


Adil Al Zarooni has experience in executive management, investments, sales, and IT security. He is the Chief Executive Officer of ZEI, and prior has assumed the role of Senior Vice President for Sales at Economic Zones World (EZW) and JAFZA. Adil holds directorship positions in firms in the sectors of healthcare, financial services, logistics, media, real estate and more.

Ahmed Ismail Al Zarooni


Ahmed Al Zarooni heads the real estate operations department at ZEI, managing almost all aspects of the lease portfolio of the company. Ahmed has previously worked for Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development, as well as for Invest Bank. Currently, Ahmed is also the Managing Director of ZEI’s sister company, Granada Real Estate.

Adil Ismail Al Zarooni

Chief Executive Officer

Adil Al Zarooni founded Al Zarooni Emirates Investment (ZEI) in 2009. He has 16 years of experience in executive management and sales, investments, and IT security in UAE, including 2 years in Saudi Arabia. Adil has strong expertise across multiple industries, such as investment and operations of family owned businesses, industrial business zones and logistics, UAE government owned entities, as well as software and IT development. Adil has assumed the role of Senior Vice President for Sales at Economic Zones World (EZW) and JAFZA. Prior, he was Director of Business Development at Titan Holdings and has worked in IT security at Mobily and Etisalat. While structuring his family business, Mr. Al Zarooni grew an academic interest in the subject of institutionalising family businesses in the UAE and the region. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Etisalat College of Engineering, and an MBA from the American University of Sharjah. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the subject of family businesses.

Hisham Hodroge

Chief Investment Officer

Hisham has been the Chief Investment Officer of ZEI since July 2013, managing the full investment portfolio in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, consumer goods, services, financial services, education, food and beverage, logistics and SMEs. Hisham has extensive experience in the GCC region, having worked for Istithmar World Capital in DIFC, Dubai as well as at QInvest in Doha, Qatar, between the years of 2002 and 2013. Hisham holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Abdulwahid Ismail Al Zarooni

Managing Director of Real Estate Development

Abdulwahid Alzarooni has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Southeastern University of Washington, USA. He oversees all of the family’s construction and development projects. He has previously overseen the construction of a mixed use tower in Buhaira, Sharjah, as well as working on the development of town houses and villas in Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai. Abdulwahid also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the family’s travel agency business, Arabian Travel Agency.

Ahmed Ismail Al Zarooni

Managing Director of Real Estate Operations

Ahmed Alzarooni is managing all aspects of ZEI’s lease portfolio. He graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree of International Business from Skyline University, and holds a Diploma of Applied Business. Ahmed has previously worked for Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development, as well as for Invest Bank. Ahmed manage and develop ZEI’s property portfolio from all angles, and he also identifies potential areas within the commercial and residential real estate market where the firm can strategically invest. Currently, Ahmed is also the Managing Director of ZEI’s sister company, Granada Real Estate.

Johanna Stake

Office Manager

Johanna joined ZEI in February 2016 as Office Manager; her main responsibilities being Office Management and acting as executive assistant to the CEO. She handles all human resources and marketing aspects for ZEI as well as being involved in several aspects of the investment process. Johanna has a strong background in media, marketing, communication and events, and has been managing these aspects for organisations in Stockholm and Dubai since 2010, having worked in the private banking sector prior to this. Throughout the years she has been involved in many projects linked to entrepreneurship, culture, and retail, and has always worked closely with company owners. She studied management at the American University in Washington D.C., whilst completing an internship at the department of Press, Information and Culture at the Swedish Embassy in the US. Johanna holds a Master’s Degree in Business and Economics from Karlstad University in Sweden, and has also studied within the creative and communicative fields at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles.

Syed Inam Rehman

Finance Manager

Syed joined ZEI in July 2012, travelling from Karachi, Pakistan. He handles all financial and accounting tasks, especially the development and integration of our accounting system for ZEI and our investments. The scope of Syed’s role at ZEI has developed into including financial analysis, financial model creation, business valuations for both investment and exit purposes and in depth financial due diligence. Syed has performed such tasks on a variety of different transactions in all major sectors that ZEI operates. He holds a Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Karachi, an ACMA qualification from the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan and is currently a finalist of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK.

Farhan Hasan

Legal Counsel

Farhan joined ZEI in July 2015, having relocated from London to Dubai. He holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Essex, UK. Since joining, Farhan has gained significant experience drafting a wide range of contracts relating to ZEI’s private equity investments across all of our target sectors, successfully finalising multiple commercial agreements. Farhan is responsible for the execution of company documents, contacting governmental departments to obtain approvals and licenses for company creation, and liaising with external lawyers with regards to any of ZEI’s legal requirements. Furthermore, Farhan has been solely responsible for the company’s external KYC and compliance procedures.

Behzad Khan

Financial Analyst

Behzad is the newest team member to Al Zarooni Emirates Investments. He is working as a Financial Analyst, managing the accounting as well as analyzing and modeling new opportunities and keeping track of performance of current portfolio. Behzad is currently also finishing his Masters of Applied Finance and Banking at University of Wollongong in Dubai. Prior relocating to Dubai, Behzad completed a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Imperial College of Business Studies in Lahore, Pakistan.